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Why should you pay Kevin Trudeau (free government money they don't want you to know about) or Matthew Lesko ( the question mark guy) money to find out what we already know? Their information may already be outdated by the time their books are printed and then you have to pay to join their website to get the latest information? Who are they kidding?

We, the posters here at AIDPAGE, believe FREE information should remain FREE! We know how tough things are, we not only want you to keep you money, but get the help you need for FREE!

We are constantly updating our pages to keep you current on  information, grants, entitlements, programs, and services available to you, the public. No, there are no expensive infomercials, no chauffeurs, no private planes, no big fancy houses. But we do have common sense and a LOT of information to share - for FREE! So, stop paying some stranger for outdated information, and get what you need, right here on AIDPAGE, for FREE

Here are just some of the free resources available to you: 


 a-z index of Government departments and agencies


$100 calculators for school? 



211 - find local resources 



311 for NYC 



americans with disabilities 



Angel Food Ministries 



assistance for sick pets



burial assistance 



can student loans be discharged? 



catalog of federal domestic assistance 



Catholic Charities 



community action partnership



consumer credit counseling 



credit counseling 



crime victims compensation 



education grants and loans 






fair housing act 



family medical leave act 






Find out what government benefits you qualify for 



food co-ops 



free attorneys 



free braces for children & adults 



free dental care 



free discount presciption card 



free divorce info 



free health care - courtesy of walgreens 



free medical care 






get a govt loan 



grantgate & federal money retriever



have you been fired because of your disability? 






health insurance assistance 






help for parents of disabled children 



holyfield foundation 



how rent is determined for subsidized housing 



HUD - rental & home buyer assistance



human services agency info & links 



is it a scam? - check here



is there a sex offender near you? 



medical co-pay assistance 



medical grants for children 



medication assistance 



medication assistance and free clinics 



military assistance 



modest needs 



money management 



NACA - home buying, foreclosure , rehab assistance 



national foundation for credit counseling 



odd job listings 



prosper - loans 



rare diseases and disorders



Red cross 



Salvation Army 



save college receipts for your taxes






SNAP - formerly food stamps



social security 



social services program manuals and  guidelines 



St Vincent De Paul



state benefit programs



stay up to date with govt benefits on twitter 



toys for tots 



United Way 



US dept of Labor + other links & information 



Ways to work - car loan/repair program






wish fulfillment 


  wish upon a hero   
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kaylest   in reply to Inspiration
Medical transport?
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Dear sir/ madam i am asking for financial help to send my daughter to a school exchange from Dominica to Martinique her correspondent was already home and she would like my daughter to come with the other children on the 17 a April.She is a very bright student this is why i am searching for help for her..she would need $400.00 u.s to meet her cost. thankyou for taking time out to read what ever you can give would be appreciated. Thankyou
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snow white
 in response to ...   go to food stamps than go from there
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snow white
 in response to snow white...   

hope ever body have a good year coming up

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snow white
 in response to Compassion for All...   how are you doing today
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snow white
 in response to joycep76...   how are you doing
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 in response to helpinghand35801...   I would encourage u to ask this question to one of the aidpage contributors. U will find there pictures on the main page on the right hand side. They talk with alot of people everyday and I bet they know someone(: Thank you for joining aidpage!
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 in response to helpinghand35801...


Thank you for your kind-hearted post!  Please refer to the attached link.  A few months ago, I made every effort possible to help this Aidpage member find alternative transportation to and from his Doctor’s appointments besides the Veterans bus.  Using this form of transportation takes about 3 to 4 hours roundtrip for each Doctor’s visit.  He has endured multiple skin grafts, which has made his skin highly sensitive.  Being in a sitting position for long periods of time causes damage to his skin.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get find him the help he needs.  Perhaps you can contact him directly in a one-to-one message to let him know about it. 


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I know where there is a car with hand controls in Huntsville, Alabama - how would I find someone who was truly deserving of this vehicle?
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Need a prayer
Hi I've just about tried everything I know about so that's why I am now on here. We need help we live in Hawaii. And yes everyone from the mainland is usually like oh your in paradise. Yes and no. It's beautiful but when you have been born and raised here and have leaved always below poverty most of your childhood and now doing the same with your own children, the palm trees slowly disappear, and the colors in the sunset aren't so bright anymore. The cost of living over here is thee craziest. I keep hearing everyone talking about how expensive a gallon of gas is in the mainland, we are almost at 5.00 a gallon of REGULAR. And it has not been at 3. In over a year. For rent I paid 1250.00 for a two bedroom apt. And I thought that was a good deal. I soon moved with my father after that and together we payed 1475.00 for a 3 bedroom house and that was a steal. Will I guess what I'm trying to say is any kind of help anyone out there can help me with will be very very much appreciated. Just to tell everyone a little about my family, Im 27 year old single mother of 3 beautiful girls. I once had a great and perfect all American but in a Hawaiian kind of twist family. I had great credit a great husband, great kids, a great house that we where buying, great cars. Of course my husband left me and my kids for someone else, he was the provider so I lost my home to fore closer and my car got repo I basically lost everything but my children. Along with him leaving me I was also became a victim of violence from him I think because he new he had done wrong and really screwed up he took it out on me. Now three years later I'm still struggling I lost my job and now am on un-employment which is basically nothing. A whole $374.00 every Two weeks. I get food stamps and now that I am unemployed i have job searched and applied for finical through welfare. If anyone knows if another program or anything that could help with anything. Please god someone answer our prayers. Thank you and ALOHA
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I have been looking for a decent paying job for along time. I'm starting to think that theres no other way but to go about this the wrong way, and I really dont want to think like that. Let me give you some background. I'm a female-to-male transgender (i was diagnosed with GID, which is known as Gender Identity Disorder) and i'm also a fulltime inline study (my major is Criminal Investigations). I suffer from anxiety, depression, and social issues. I cant the surgery that it takes too make me normal. I mean, I cant even afford the Testostone shots that i should have been on a few years back. I want this more than anything i have ever wanted in my entire life, and its no like i go around asking people for money. Thats not what this is about. Please dont get the wrong idea. I'm asking for help right now because it seems to be my only way to live a decent life. I want to get married and be normal. I dont want to walk around as a freak the rest of my life. So i'm begging you, please help me.
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tom d
am ln need of work a permanent job i am 60 and its tough as i have been self employed for decades and now am broke with not even enough for rent i have a van so i use hat but the insurance is out and i just need help my girlfriend depends on me and we have no one to turn to so if you can lend a hand it would be a blessing
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 in response to whoknew...   great that wouldl help because i really do miss my wife bady i am lonely without her here with me
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hi, iv been trying to find some kind of help. im seeing a psychiatrist on a poor program, unemployed, and still living at a friends house. i pay them rent. the doctor keeps changing my meds every week, and most do not allow me to go near a stove, oven, drive, or use things like a sewing machine. and i constantly get debilitating migraines several times a week, making it so that i can not work. i dont have money for food, or rent, or bills. and im scared. i dont know what to do. im constantly filling out applications, but i dont get any callbacks. i need help.

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 in response to whiteowl...   

Personally, I do not have the finances to help. However, I can give you the name of an organization that may be able to assist.

They handle loans for people who do not qualify for regular loans. I think they would be the best possible solution for your situation.

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REQUEST YOUR HELP PLEASE TODAY! I am in desperate need to quickly restore my finances to pay off debt and been going through tough times; searched and saturated all financial possibilities to get a personal loan. I have worked at the same job for 23 years at government job and have a stable, reliable income – will not be laid off. I am urgently seeking a personal loan for $6,000 - $10,000 to pay off debt I am living my parents house I owe my parent $4,000 IRS taxes, $1,700 state taxes, $500 payday loans $5,000 to fly my wife is $2,500 from Canada $985.00 power bill. I have been struggling daily since my wife has went to Canada to take care of her mother but now since her mother has passed away I do not have to money to get her back down here to Utah since I am in debit went instantly from two incomes to one income trying to pay debt. I have also been working hard trying to restore my credit. Greatly appreciate your mercy in considering my devastating financial situation for help. I will respect and will honor your loan offer. Thank you, sincerely!

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many homeless here

hi,how r u? i m Akhtar George, i live in Karachi Pakistan.i need your help please,i live in police head quarter, we have a one quarter there we r living. that is a police area.we r just living there.because my father a police man,i m married and i have two babies.i received one letter by police officer.they said leave this home because you are not able to live here. so we r now homeless.for God sake help me we r very upset.many our Christian's families now homeless here we r your Christian's brother's and sister's please help us.thanks
my address is police head quarter garden road karachi # 3 christian compund.
cell # +923228229734
account # 00347900063801

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 in response to goodguywade...   

Hi Wade,

I'm sorry to take so long to reply. I have been offline for a few days.

It seems as though you have a few things going on here.

If you have been harrassed/abused at work and are about to be fired because of your sexuality, you must know that you are protected by law. Either your opwn personal attorney can assist you or you can seek assistance with the EEOC or ACLU

If you are being harrassed or abused in your relationship. The Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project can help -  their # is : 800.832.1901

FAFSA can assist with financial aid and student loans for school. Also check with student services and the financial aid office on campus. You might want to check with fastweb for additional scholarship information. 

Without a job, more likely than not, you will need a co-signer, UNLESS you go to a "buy here/pay here" shop. You will most likely pay more , but you may not need a cosigner. ONE THING I DO WANT TO STRESS HERE- have a mechanic you trust, inspect the car completely BEFORE you sign!!! If you do not know one, you can have carchex do it for you. It is a @ $120, but they will go to the car and thoroughly inspect it for you. While I know its a lot of money upfront, the fact of the matter is, if you buy used, you want to make sure of what you are getting. You certainly do not want to sign for your car, drive it off the lot and have your engine die on you. Know what you are buying! I hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else... best of luck to you!

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I myself am about to get the axe. I'm gay and I've been hiding and been abused for far too long, I just applied to get a car today and I'll be in there for a while till I get a job, but is there any loans I can obtain without a co-signer? I'm staying in school the best I can and I really don't want to loose my education over my peace of mind...any suggestions?

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i have a many many problem. so i need now must be money.

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